Safebreath Pro : Must Read This Review First Before You Try This

Safebreath ProPollution is becoming the major pitfall across the world and due to outbreak of novel coronavirus people are becoming even more cautious. There are many viruses, bacteria and pollens present in the air which needs to be avoided and the best way to prevent these harmful substances from entering your body is by wearing face mask. When it comes to face mask, the most effective and reliable option is Safebreath Pro face mask which is the innovative face mask developed to keep wearers protected from COVID-19 and other harmful viruses and bacteria. This face mask is very comfortable to wear and it is light in weight.

Safebreath Pro is designed with advanced filtration technology that can filter out the small particles up to 2.5PM and it uses medical grade surgical material that makes it quite effective against all pollens, bacteria and viruses present in air. The face mask uses Nano Technology which is the advanced grade technology used in N95 face masks. It can filter small particulate matters up to 2.5 microns. This face mask uses pm2.5 air filter quality that is known as the standard filtration system. The face mask offer complete coverage as it fits snugly over your face, nose and mouth.

What Makes Safebreath Pro Better Than Other Face Mask?

  • There are many benefits that are associated with Safebreath Pro and these features make this face mask different from other traditional masks. Safebreath Pro is not a ordinary face mask. It is the high quality face mask that covers your mouth and nose and protects you from outside particles. It is safe against deadly gases, chemicals and also the COVID-19 viruses.
  • This face mask uses medical grade materials and fabric and it causes no suffocation and irritation when wearing for long hours. So, you are not required to worry about skin issues like irritation, infection or rashes.
  • This face mask is portable and lightweight and it is easy to wash as well. So, it is a reusable face mask which you can wash after every use and wear it again. Since it is reuseable you don’t have to buy a new one after every use.
  • Safebreath Pro uses advanced Nano technology for filtering out the chemicals and bacteria. It can filter germs and pollens present in air effectively and prevent them from entering your body to cause infection.                 

Product Specifications!

  • Microfiber materials are used for this face mask
  • It comes with breathing valve 3.0
  • It has protection level of KN95
  • Fits perfect over your face and offers complete protection
  • It can filter bacteria up to 96% as it uses Nano Technology for filtration process  

What are the Benefits of Safebreath Pro?

  • Fits all Faces – The best thing about Safebreath Pro is that it fits snugly over your face and covers your nose and mouth perfectly. This face mask fits all face sizes and comes with adjustable band which you can adjust according to the size of your face.
  • Full Coverage – This face mask offers full coverage for your nose and mouth and it comes with breathing valve which prevents suffocation and makes breathing easier.
  • Lightweight – This face mask is light in weight and you won’t find any difficulty in carrying or wearing it. You can carry the face mask in your pocket or pursue easily
  • Easy to Wear – This face mask is very easy to wear and put off. It comes with a safety band that you can adjust according to the size of your face and you can adjust it o snugly fit over your face and offer complete protection.

Is Safebreath Pro Washable?

Yes, This Mask is washable as it is designed with microfiber material and after every use you can wash the face mask in mild detergent. Ensure that you pat dry the mask in shaded area and use it again for several times. You must avoid washing it in machine as it is not machine safe.

You must hand wash the face mask after every use and ensure to use it when you go out of your house to stay protected.

Where to Buy?

Safebreath Pro is not available at any medical store near you. If you are interested in buying it you need to visit its official website to place order for your pack of Safebreath Pro face mask.

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