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    Will Riding An Exercise Bike Strengthen My Knee?

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    Some people have questions about certain equipment’s used in the gym. Thanks to the Internet, there are many self-proclaimed pundits propagating the wrong information about such exercising equipment. This is probably the reason why people seem to have constant doubts about the exercising bike as well, with some people thinking that it is bad for the knee, while others thinking otherwise. The good news here is that this is actually quite good for your knee.


    Smooth, Uniform Motion

    The unique aspect about an exercising bike is that the movements tend to be constant and uniform. Hence, when you do make use of it, you are not doing something that is drastically different and on the contrary, you can actually get back in shape and have a uniform workout. The knee does not have the body weight, which means it is not in stress. Although you are using the knee joint you aren’t putting any weight on it.

    The uniform motion also helps ensure that the knee is exercised in the right manner and is kept in good condition. In fact, you might notice that the exercise bike is used for rehabilitation exercises following a knee injury. It helps in knee joint stability and muscle strength, both of which are needed following an injury. It’s the best of the cardiovascular exercises for strengthening the knee.

    Least Stressful Workout

    When you make use of an exercising bike, you are not putting any pressure on your knee. Compared to other machines like the elliptical or even the recumbent exercise bike, the total pressure and weight on the knee in this exercising machine is extremely low. Hence, this makes for a truly worthwhile option while you are in the gym. The pressure on the knee isn’t zero so some caution needs to be advised if you have a knee injury.

    Additionally, the exercise bike also tones your body and muscles, which means that you can be assured of a really good workout without having to injure yourself in the process. This is also a kind of routine for some people as the bike is revered for being a great warm up machine and can help in boosting blood circulation to the muscles almost instantly. Blood circulation to an area helps strengthen it because it means you’re working out the muscles around it.

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    Change in Resistance

    In the rare event that you should experience some injury or stress on your knee, the exercising bikes today come with settings that allow you to change the resistance and ensure that you don’t have to continue injuring your knee. Depending on what it is that you are aiming for, you might be able to easily change the resistance and get your knee to feel more comfortable. There is usually a big variety of resistance in exercise bikes.

    It is advised to tweak around these settings to be sure that you are getting an effective workout. Having it at a very low value will translate to a poor workout session. Effectively, you will not be able to burn as many calories as you might have wanted to. On the other extreme, trying to burn more fat at the cost of your knee is also not recommended, as this can have serious repercussions. Therefore a balance is advised.

    Word of Caution

    Although exercising bikes will not cause knee injury inherently, it is still possible to injure your knee if you don’t know how to make use of it. Hence, in order to avoid such untoward problems, it is recommended that you refer the owner’s manual and ensure that you are using the machine in the right manner. Only if you use the machine correctly can you be sure that you are not going to get any kind of injury.

    Being safe while using your exercising machine is therefore, highly recommended. This is perhaps the only way of ensuring that you are not going to be injured while working out. A little caution can really go a long way and can ensure that you are not going to regret using the exercising bike later on. Overall you’ll find working out on an exercise bike a very effective way of strengthening the knee.

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