MaxFit Smart Band – Keep Tracking Your Fitness & Stay Healthy

MaxFit Smart BandWith the advancement in technology, many new devices and gadgets have been introduced to make life really easier and simpler. You think of a task and it would be getting done through your smart devices. Even for tracking your fitness, workouts, activities and more you have got the smart band by MaxFit. MaxFit Smart Band is basically the fitness tracker which comes with many features that are worth mentioning. It is the performance smart band that is designed with state of the art technology for powerful performance. This smart band is different from all other bands that are available today.

MaxFit Smart Band is sated with some useful features that allow you to monitor your fitness and health in most efficient way possible. Moreover, it comes in different style patterns and colour schemes which you can choose from 5 replaceable styles of your choice. The smart band is designed to work smoothly both with your iOS and Android devices and most of the fitness tracking applications can be downloaded on the smart band. You don’t have to worry about its functions as it comes with 30 days money back guarantee.

The Prime Highlights of MaxFit Smart Band

MaxFit Smart Band is the highly preferred fitness tracker today which is globally trusted and accepted by Athletes and also the general public. This smart band would work as your personal activity and fitness tracker along with phone finder, selfie taker and more. The smart band comes with longer lasting battery life which last for days with single charging. It is stylish and fashionable too and comes with 5 replaceable band styles which you can choose as per your mood and preferences.

  • OLED Touch screen – The Smart Band is designed with advanced technology and to keep up with the pace the manufacturer has integrated OLED touch screen which gives you smooth navigation of the features integrated into the smart band.
  • 5 Adaptable Band Styles – You are no longer required to stick with the same old colour scheme of the band as the device comes with 5 unique adaptable band styles which you can keep changing as per your mood and preferences. There are 5 different colour schemes that you may choose as per the colour of your dress to match well.
  • Durability – The Smart Band is highly durable and designed to last for years to come. It is water proof and sweat resistant and can deliver you optimal results and performance even under water. So, you are not required worry about the smart when you are using it for activities where you are sweating heavily.
  • Mobile Syncing – Another great thing about the smart band which is worth mentioning is the mobile syncing features. The smart band is designed to work in sync with Android and iOS devices. It supports both the platforms and its applications and you can sync it with your respective device to enjoy using the application right on your wrist.

What Else MaxFit Smart Band Can Do For You?

  • Heart Rate Monitor – It is equipped with wrist heart rate sensor technology which can precisely measure the heart rate 24/7 and give you accurate heart rate during workouts and jogging
  • Pedometer – It measures the steps precisely and the fitness improvement that you have made with the wrist mounted pedometer
  • Calorie Count – It measures and give you report of the calories that you have burnt in the workouts in real time.
  • Distance Measures – Not only your fitness tracking, it also measures the distance that you have travelled over time and this enables you to measure the daily running and walking distances precisely
  • Phone Finder – If you are using it in sync with your device, then you are no longer required to worry about your phone as it comes with anti-lost phone finder technology that can find the phone quickly when it is misplaced.
  • Sleep Monitor – With the sleep monitor feature one can improvise their nightly slumbers as it provides precise data about the quality of sleep that they had last night.

Where to Order MaxFit Smart Band?

The only best place from where you can order your fitness band is through the website of MaxFit Smart Band. It is not available at retail store near you and hence for ordering you have to visit the official website.

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