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    TruPace E200 Elliptical

    The TruPace E200 is a great value elliptical with many features you’ll find in more expensive models. It has plenty of workout programs and a long stride length for a smooth riding motion. This elliptical will really help improve your overall health and fitness from within the home.


    • 22 workout programs to take your workouts to a new level by providing a new challenge
    • Heart rate monitor with heart rate control workout programs to enhance your workout
    • Pivoting foot pedals eases any strain on your ankles providing a natural ride
    • Transport wheels make moving the elliptical to any room you desire easy to do
    TruPace E200 Elliptical
    TruPace E200 Elliptical
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    TruPace E200 Elliptical Review

    TruPace are originally from Europe where they’ve had enormous success with their fitness equipment for the last 15 years. They make advanced equipment that’s easy to use and good value. It was only natural that they would become available in the US and they now are. The TruPace E200 elliptical is the one we feature here and is a price of around half what you’d normally expect to pay for an elliptical with these features.

    As you climb on to the elliptical you’ll feel that the pedals are slightly pivoted. As you ride this will feel very natural as your ankles are in a position they’re more accustomed to. The bright blue backlit LCD display in front of you will tell you all you need to know about your workout and the console is where you’ll control the elliptical from. All the settings can be changed with easy button presses including the resistance.

    The resistance is magnetic so there are no parts that need to rub against each other to create the resistance. This means the elliptical will last a lot longer. There are 16 levels of resistance and these can all be changed using the console in front of you or you may choose a workout program where the machine will change the settings for you on a predetermined course. The low levels are good for beginners will the higher levels will tone the muscles more.

    There are 22 workout programs to test and challenge you. This includes the manual program for those who like to control the settings yourself. The other programs are 3 goal where you set yourself a time, distance or calorie goal. There are 8 levels giving you variable resistance patterns. There is a custom program where you design the program yourself and a watt program. This is where how hard you are pedaling determines the wattage.

    The final 4 workout programs are heart rate control. These use the heart rate monitor and you workout to a percentage of you maximum heart rate. This is a very effective way of exercising and something that’s definitely worth trying. The TruPace E200 as with all ellipticals gives you that total body workout using the handlebars as well as the pedals. This is something a treadmill can’t offer and makes an elliptical such as this TruPace such a good buy for those wanting all over, total body fitness.


    • Unit Weight: 116 lbs
    • Intensity Levels: 16
    • Stride Length : 18″
    • Stride Type: Fixed
    • Power Type: Self-Generating


    • Model: TruPace E200 Elliptical
    • Footprint: L 64.8″ x W 24.8″
    • Maximum User Weight: 250 lbs


    • 90 Days: Parts and In Home Labor

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