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    The Best Elliptical Trainer Machines for Obese People

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    Being obese shouldn’t make it harder for you to get back in shape. The fact that you need to make up your mind to work out is hard enough. Hence, difficulty in picking out the right machine should not be present. In this manner, you can be sure that you wouldn’t have to simply struggle and manage with machines that are not quite as comfortable. Listed below are some popular elliptical machines for obese individuals.

    yowza fitness captiva

    Yowza Fitness Captiva

    A popular model that has been opted by many off late is the Yowza Fitness Captiva. This is a really good machine for the obese, as the maximum user supported on it is a whopping 400 lbs. It has multiple programs to suit any kind of workout regime. The pedals are nice and broad, designed to take in a certain degree of stress if needed. It’s a sturdy machine that’s ideal for bigger users plus it has a along warranty should anything happen to the machine

    This elliptical is also designed to focus your workout on your core muscles thanks to a unique handlebar. The fan included in the machine helps keep your body temperature under control and keeps you constantly hydrated. The machine also comes equipped with a polar heart rate control. It also won the award of the Best New Elliptical for the year 2010, making it a clear winner.

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    Sole E25

    If you cannot afford the high price tag of the Yowza, you could perhaps go in for a Sole E25. This is a very good model, which also has a user weight of up to 325 lbs, which should cover a significant number of obese individuals. There are 6 preset programs in this model coupled with a decent sized LCD screen to read vital information.

    Additionally, the model also has a 20 inch full stride, which means that individuals with big build should be able to move about comfortably. The dual wheel rollers in the machine give the machine a smooth glide, making it very easy for people to work out for extended hours on the machine. Extended hours is what you need if your plan is weight loss as working out for a long period of time is the best way to burn calories.

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    yowza navarre

    Yowza Navarre

    For those who need it, this elliptical supports a user weight of up to 400 lbs. It comes equipped with a big blue backlit LCD screen that makes it easy to read information in a glance. There are 12 workout programs included in the machine, each designed to cater a different kind of workout. You should find the machine extremely comfortable owing to the large stride range.

    The Navarre is very rugged and is built to last. This is probably why it comes with a class leading warranty. Moreover, the elliptical also includes a 3 speed workout fan, which means that you can feel comfortable when working out and don’t have to work out in an uncomfortable environment.

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    Other Options

    There are some other elliptical models worth taking note of which are suitable for obese individuals. These include the Sole E55, the Livestrong LS13.0E and the ProForm 1050E. Each of these models is very sturdily built with a user weight exceeding 300 lbs. You should get a very decent workout when you make use of these machines, which makes them an ideal choice to go in for. Additionally, the machines also come with very good in home warranty, which is the other thing that you would want from your elliptical machines.

    Hence, you shouldn’t use your obesity as a reason to not go in for a decent elliptical. This is something to take note of, as it is possible that you are going to want to try out these different models to see which is the most useful or practical option of the lot. Eventually, you will be able to buy the optimal elliptical for your weight loss as long as you follow the guidance we’ve given you here.

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