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    Bowflex Classic Home Gym

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    The Bowflex Classic is at a great priced gym for the home. The unit is capable of giving the whole body a workout good for toning or definition and there’s a cardio rowing station built in. With fitness results guaranteed within 6 weeks the Bowflex Classic is worthy of closer inspection:


    • Sturdy and built to last with a user capacity of 300 lbs
    • 30+ exercises to workout the whole body effectively
    • Power rod technology for safe and effective resistance for all fitness levels
    • Quality durable materials and construction for long lasting use and a long warranty
    Bowflex Classic Home Gym
    Bowflex Classic Home Gym
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    Bowflex Classic Home Gym review

    Bowflex gyms use Power Rod technology to replace weights and provide the resistance for your workout. They’ve grown in popularity as people have found their ease of use and the pulley system is built in such a way that you get a great range of exercises from a compact machine. The resistance is easy and safe to adjust and is just as effective as weights.

    Let’s look into the actual exercises and body parts this gym can work. The chest gets a horizontal press when the bench is flat for the ultimate gym exercise. Adjust the bench and you can get a decline and incline bench press to further define the chest area.

    With the resistance coming at the same angle simply sit upright on the bench for a shoulder press, stand up for a front shoulder raise. The ability to cross over the resistance gives the side of the shoulders (deltoids) their workout and more.

    The back can be worked on with a seated row, then you can reach up for a lat pulldown with your grip in various positions to target different areas of the back. From here you also get a tricep pulldown and you can do a tricep extension. The biceps get their resistance with a curl and even the abdominals can have a resisted crunch to get defined abs.

    The legs both front and back along with the calfs can be worked on. As you can see the gym pretty much covers every part of the body. Combine this with a cardio rowing station and this gym covers all the bases where your personal fitness is concerned. The safety of the resistance means it’s good for the whole family. Overall a good home gym.


    Model: Bowflex Classic

    • Dimensions: L 6’10″ x W 3’5″ x H 6’10″
    • Workout area: 8’4″ x 6’6″
    • Maximum resistance: 210 lbs
    • Maximum user weight: 300 lbs
    • Exercises available: 30+
    • Leg attachment: Included
    • Lat tower: Included
    • Aerobic rowing: Included


    Bowflex build their gyms to the highest standards. This is backed by a generous warranty:

    • Lifetime on Power Rods
    • 5 years on parts

    Click here for the Bowflex Classic Home Gym at the best price we’ve seen!

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